Urban Bi-Folds manufactures and installs the highest quality timber bifold doors in Melbourne. If you really want the best, choose Urban Bi-Folds.

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“Jim from Urban Bi-folds installed two sets of doors for us earlier this year. The doors were retrofitted and they did the job with such care and efficiency. We are so happy with the amazing outcome and would happily recommend them to anyone who is after excellent workmanship and amazing attention to detail.”

Marianne Centner

“We chose Urban Bifolds as they were great quality at a good price. They installed the new bifolds when they said they would and without fuss. They took away the old ones and cleaned up afterwards. We’re impressed with the quality of the new doors – they look great!”


“Jim came and gave us a quote for our bi-folding doors and window after carefully measuring up and checking our requirements. Their quote was very reasonable.”

“He stuck to the quoted price even though it took him an extra 1/2 day to complete the install. The doors and windows were prefabricated in their factory and the workmanship was excellent.”

“He worked hard to complete the job even installing a lintel above the window for us. We are delighted with the outcome and the guarantee he offered. We would highly recommend him for anyone looking for bi-fold door and window installation.”

Ben & Tara


Urban Bi-Folds Factory | Where quality timber bifold doors are made

We pride ourselves on designing and building superior quality bi-folds, made to custom sizes and operations. Our timber bi-fold doors and timber bi-fold windows for Melbourne locals can be made to suit any domestic or commercial environment.

With more than 20 years’ experience between us, we’re extremely fussy about the quality of our systems and the level of finish we provide in our timber bifold doors. We use German and Swedish-made machinery that has proven itself over decades by traditional craftsmen. If you’re looking for long-lasting timber bi-folding doors, Melbourne-based Urban Bifolds is a name you can trust.

Bi-fold Doors Melbourne

Only select-grade Victorian Ash hardwood is used, as it is the best material for the extreme variations in Victoria’s climate. We supply a raw product, which offers you the choice of finish to best suit your home or business.

When open, the doors fold neatly to the side, removing any barrier between the indoor and outdoor space, allowing one space to flow seamlessly into the other. When the doors are closed, they offer protection from the outside elements whilst allowing an abundance of natural light inside. They can be fitted into new or existing openings by our expert team and will deliver many years of enjoyment and functionality. Whether your home is modern or more traditional in style, our bi-fold timber doors deliver an aesthetic and practical boost to your property.

Bi-fold Door Installation

Our installation services are delivered with just as much care and attention to detail as our bi-fold doors. To organise a professional measure, call Urban Bi-Folds on 03 9042 3662.


How do I prepare my bifolds for painting or staining?

There is no need to sand your doors prior to painting or staining. Your bifold system will come fully finished, ready for staining or painting. All touch points are smoothed to a pencil edge, making painting your bifold doors easier, whilst enhancing their look and feel.


It’s very important to seal the tops and bottoms of your doors. Whether you’re painting or staining your bi-folds, all you need to do is give the top and bottom edges an equal number of coats as the face of the doors. It’s a bit fiddly, we know, but it needs to be done to protect them from the weather and to ensure your full warranty is upheld.

Who does the installation and who co-ordinates everything?

Urban Bifolds coordinates the installation process with you or the relevant contractors to ensure timely delivery and installation of your bifold doors. In 95% of cases, we perform the installation ourselves but occasionally, you may have engaged your builder or another contractor to do this.

When we do a private installation directly for a client (as opposed to a third party like a builder or contractor), we prepare the opening where the bifold will go, we install your system and we remove all the rubbish. This is all done in the one day.

What is the warranty on my bifold system?

Our bifolds systems are the best on the market. No one else takes the time and care to design and build bifolds to the standards we set. Because of this, we stand by our products with a 12-year guarantee – including the hardware (the first 7 years of which is guaranteed by the manufacturer).

Providing your doors have been installed and sealed correctly, you can rest assured that we will repair or replace any defects in workmanship or hardware during those 12 years.

How important is the installation element of my bifold purchase?

For a bifold installation to be successful, the opening must be made dead plum (90-degree angles), it must have proper top support and good header fixings (since the doors are suspended from the top).

Weather sealing is also very important and all our systems are installed with double weather sealing and effective drainage.

When we install your system, we always thoroughly inspect the structure around the opening and in most cases, we provide additional screw support to the structure above the header. We never rely on nails.

How well-made are Urban Bifolds? What are the specs?

We use only select grade Vic Ash Hardwood for our systems and all components are stronger and thicker than most other systems on the market. You’ll find nothing but quality in every element of your bifold system from Urban Bifolds.

  • Our framing is all 42mm – others manufacturers are 30mm
  • All doors are dowelled (3 dowels at each end)
  • Our doors are 40mm – others manufacturers are 38mm
  • All doors are pencil edged by hand (almost no one does this)
  • All hardware is from TOMMA – guaranteed by them for 7 years and by us for a further 5 years.
  • All doors are double weather sealed with Schlegel seals

What are the maintenance requirements for a bifold system?

Providing the top and bottom of the doors have been properly sealed (painted or stained), and the building into which they’re installed is structurally stable, our bifolds are maintenance-free.

The hardware is fully adjustable and it is adjusted to suit the opening at the time of installation.

If an adjustment is ever required, we can perform this for you free of charge.


Here are some recent images of projects completed. Granted, the photos aren’t great – we’re much better at making bi-folds! However, they do show a range of jobs, from small serveries, up to large multi-system installations.


We believe it’s important to do what you love and to do it well. If you want the best of anything, you’re always best to deal with a specialist and when it comes to timber bi-fold and sliding systems, we do it better than anyone else.


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